‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Film As Good as the Book Says Dakota Johnson

Defending the movie version of El James book ‘Fifty shades of grey’ as one that’s not weak and entertaining enough, star Dakota Johnson who is cast in the film along with Jamie Dornan says she believes in the story and that it’ll come up well in the movie.

Dakota Johnson made the statement in view of the recent criticism the just released teaser of the movie has received from the book’s fans. The viewers who’ve been lucky enough to view the teaser that was released for a small, select audience for reactions have pointed out that the first few scenes delivering the story’s concept focus more on the love story between Ana and Christian rather than their intimate scenes. This just brings up speculation on whether director Sam Taylor is going to succeed at all in delivering the book in its right feel and soul on the big screen.

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Though shy and tight lipped on the movie Dakota while talking to media during her appearance in a Calvin Klein event at Singapore revealed that the movie is right on track ad while everything about it was a bit of a secret right now she believed the movie has already started taking form and would adapt well to the storyline. “I think people will be pleased with the movie!” said an optimistic Dakota adding that the movie is going to do full justice to the book.

Dakota, daughter of Hollywood couple Melanir Griffith and Don Johnson has shot her first scenes in December last year mostly in different locales in Vancouver. Dornan was taken into the cast after Charlie Hunnam who was to originally play the role of Chistian Grey made a sudden exit out of the project.

The grapevine has it that the movie’s star cast has been apparently sworn to secrecy about the film and its scenes. The most talked-of film in the make also has Rita Ora enacting the role of Mia Grey, Christian’s sister in the story. The songstress from Britain was originally part of the film’s soundtrack scheme but landed up with a role in it.

Fifty Shades of Grey

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