Few incredible ways to remove Calluses naturally in home

Calluses is basically a type of skin condition in which our skin tissue gets harder or softer.

Well, sometimes it may cause severe pain and usually found in between toes or fingers.

Here are the few ways by which you can get rid of it:

#1 Baking soda – Soak your calluses part in mixture of baking soda and warm water.

#2 Epsom salts – Soak that calluses skin in mixture of Epsom salt and warm water.

#3 Scrubbing – pumice stone can be used here to scrub but it is painful, so try walking barefoot on a wet, sandy beach.

#4 Drying – Keep the part of skin always dry

#5 Lemon Juice and Aspirin Pills – Take lemon juice, aspirin pills and warm water. Mix them well until it forms a paste. Apply this paste over the infected skin. Wash it once dries.


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