Few easy tips to turn your girl on

Are you the one who gets on just after one touch but your partner doesn’t – then here are the few tips that you can try to make your girl on.

Let’s get started:

#1 Go Slow and Smooth – Never do anything in hurry. Always try to start slowly and very much smoothly.

#2 Play with her hairs – Well, playing with her hairs also helps her getting into mood.

#3 Compliment her – Say her that ‘she is the most beautiful in the world’ etc etc.

#4 Be confidence, Be gentle, Be Calm – Never lose confidence before her. Do not show shyness either, most girls don’t like shyness while love making. Present yourself as a gentleman.

#5 Few romantic touches – Touching your partner with romantic feel always helps

#6 Choosing Place – choose the place which she likes, to make her more comfortable

#7 Do not speak loud – try to whisper in her ears. Your warm breath and sweet sound, help a lot.

#8 Hold her gently – Hold her like you will never leave her.

#9 Some romantic dance – if she likes to dance, go for it

#10 Passionate kiss – Kissing is the best part, but mind it, never go fast, just start slowly.

Well, after this you can manage by yourselves. Best of Luck…


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