Few easy exercises which help losing ‘double chin’

‘Double chin’ is basically referred to the extra fat piled just below the chin, which people usually find very hard to get rid of.

There are several exercises which help in losing ‘double chin’ – and some easiest among them are –

  1. Lifting Your Chin – Lift your chin in upward direction by just standing normally. This method basically aim to tone the muscles of neck, throat and jaw.
  2. Rolling Head – The second easiest way to remove chin is, rolling head. The exercise can be done normally in sitting position or standing position. You only need to roll your head slowly from left to right.
  3. Lifting Head – To do this exercise, you need to lay down on floor or over some hard surface. Then keeping all the body at rest – you need to pull your head up towards your chest. Pull as much as you can and then put slowly in back position.

Doing these exercises around 10 minutes every day will surely bring a great change.



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