Few amazing and easy tips to keep your hairs shinier for long

Every women on the earth wish for the shiny hairs, but this is very hard to get.

Well, not exactly. With few amazing tips, you can maintain your hair shine for longer time.

Let’s get started:

  1. Brush you hair before going to bed using a wet brush, tie a very loose ponytail.
  2. You can also use dry shampoo every night, to keep them non-frizzy next morning
  3. Protect your hairs form direct exposure with sunlight
  4. Coat your entire hairs in Egg Yolk paste and wash it after it dries. Repeat this in every few days.
  5. Wash your hairs less often. Always use chemical free shampoo and conditioners.
  6. Do not wash hairs with hot or warm water, always go with cold water.
  7. Never tie your hairs tightly
  8. Do not leave hairs in wet condition for long
  9. Be gentle while brushing. Straight pulling with force may be harmful.
  10. Use hair oil or serum (whichever you prefer) after a wash to keep it non-frizzy

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