Father posted a funny picture with her daughter and saved her life

It was just an another day for the father who thought to put a picture on social media of himself with his new-born daughter.

But then something very strange, which saved her daughter’s life.

Read below to know what happened exactly:

#1 Father posted his daughter’s picture online


#2 Dozens of people started commenting and liking the photo

#3 Everything was normal until one anonymous person commented asking him “Are her eyes a little yellow? It looks like it to me, but it’s hard to tell, because the entire photo is a little yellow. It’s probably nothing, but it could be a symptom for neonatal jaundice. If her skin and eyes actually look a little yellow, then maybe you should get it checked out. I’m a paranoid children’s doctor, hence my concern”.

#4 Well, he took his daughter to doctors and surprisingly she was diagnosed with the same.


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