Father discover “secret” after his daughter’s death from her mirror

Meet Athena Orchard, the 12 year old cheerful girl. She was full of life until something happened very bad with her.


#1 Athena was having a little lump in her head.

#2 Initially she thought that it was just normal.

#3 But the horror came before when she once fell in kitchen.

#4 Doctors said that she was having “Bone Cancer”.

#5 She went for chemotherapy, in which she lost her all hairs. And on her 13th birthday, her smile faded away with her death.


#6 Few days later, her father was cleaning her room when he flipped her mirror and found a handwritten note by Athena.

#7 She had written all her pain, all her feeling, everything in that note.


#8 In a talk with Athena’s mother, who said that they would keep her note as long as they live.


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