Father and son selling lump of whale vomit on eBay for $80,000

A father and son found a ‘smelly rubbery rock’ while walking around the beach, which they thought could be ‘rare whale vomit’ and hence they are selling it on eBay for around $80,000.

It has been reported that the 67-year-old, Alan Derrick, and his son, Tom, 39, were walking around the beach, when they saw a ‘rock’, which they thought could be the lump of rare ‘whale vomit’.

To confirm about the stuff, they themselves performed some ‘tests’ and found that the stuff was lump of whale vomit.

However, they have also sent some samples to the experts in France, Italy and New Zealand and they are waiting for the reports.

But the retired dad has already placed the ‘stuff’ on eBay for $80,000.


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