Family suing Airport Police after daughter was ‘battered by airport security staff’

A family is suing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Memphis International Airport Police Department for $100,000, after daughter, who is a cancer survivor and was returning back to home, battered by the security staffs.

It has been reported that the family along with the cancer survivor teen, Hannah, were returning back to home after her final operation.

But at the airport, the security staffs didn’t show any compassion to the cancer survivor, who is also blind in one eye, partially deaf and paralyzed.

They allegedly dragged her to the ‘sterile area’ for extensive search. A security officer at one point, bumped her head to ground.

Her mother was continuously trying to tell them about her daughter’s brain tumor, but no body was there to listen her urge.

Hannah was later jailed for 24 hours until she appeared in the local court, where the judge dismissed the charges against her.

The family is now planning to sue both TSA and Airport Police Department.


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