Home Sport F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Flipped Over Driving Reliant Robin

F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Flipped Over Driving Reliant Robin


Lewis Hamilton managed to win four Formula 1 races this season, but that does not mean he cannot make mistakes with other types of cars. The champion F1 driver flipped over while driving a Reliant Robin at the Top Gear Festival in Brabados on Sunday.

The 29-year old driver, who seldom makes mistakes on the track, today displayed a classic case of head-over-heels as he flipped over while representing Barbados in the match. And although the racing star suffered a mini-defeat because of this, he made up for it by mentoring his team to a 4-2 win over England side represented by Jeremy.

F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Flipped Over Driving Reliant Robin

The racing icon suffered no injuries from the crash of his three-wheel drive, but the fans of the star were evidently angry over his accident, which took place during the Car Footbal tournament at the Bushy Park Circuit where more than ten thousand fans were present. One fan complained that it was unthinkable for Lewis Hamilton, the man currently leading the F1 tournament to roll over in a Reliant Robin, and demanded how the racer would explain it in Monaco next weekend.

Lewis Hamilton, along with BBC show presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Jamey May and Richard Hammond took in the Car Football tournament. Jeremy, who represented the England side, was seen celebrating after he hit the huge football with the bonnet of his car, which had England painted on one side and JC painted on the other.

The festival was conducted this Saturday and Sunday, and had featured various racing activities. Jeremy, the presenter from the BBC show performed a classic stunt which he had learnt in his teenage years.