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Eyeball Tattooing – The Craziest Taste Of Getting Inked


Everyone all over the world seems to do something to enhance their look. People are making modifications with crazy tattoo ideas, piercings or implants. Well, the new trend in the ‘getting inked’ context goes for eyeball tattooing. It’s basically injecting a colored dye inside the eye to make the sclera colored.

Artist Luna Cobra is the pioneer in the field of eyeball tattooing. His first inspiration was a SciFi movie from the 1980’s after which he wanted to ink his eyeball as a bright blue color. It’s a big craze among various inking freaks.

Cobra has more than eight years of experience in inking various eyeballs, and he has a few things to share with the amateurs.
inking various eyeballs
Cobra has never trained anyone in the art of eyeball tattooing, but he has continued to practice the fine art on many of his customers.
He has warned people not to go to just anybody who practices eyeball inking because it could lead to injuries or permanent blindness as well.

This procedure is definitely painful so you better decide for yourself if you wanna get it done.
definitely painful
It literally consists of piercing a needle into your eyeballs (without any anesthesia).

The pigment dye is injected just over the eye’s thin layer or over the conjunctiva, so it spreads evenly throughout the sclera of the eye.
injected just over the eye

Make sure you go to a pro ’cause many people have actually gone blind after a wrong procedure.
wrong procedure
Precision is necessary!