Experiments done for Gorilla-Human Hybrid and the result was shocking

An Indian university, from Bengaluru, Karnataka, has claimed that they have successfully managed to produce a Gorilla-Human hybrid.

#1 This is not first experiment of this kind. In 1990, a secret experiment was carried out using humans and gorillas’ sperm, resulting a live birth. But the species was later euthanized.

#2 The result of recent experiment has been named as ‘Hurrilla’. And this Hurrilla’s chromosome count falls between human and gorilla chromosome count.

#3 This Hurrilla weighed 18.2 pound and was 24-inch-long when he was seven weeks old.

#4 Scientists expect that Hurrilla won’t exceed height more than 6 feet and weight more than 250 pound.

#5 Luckily, in India, there is no law against these types of experiments. But let us admit that these types of experiments are performed all over the world.



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