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Everything you need to know about iPhone 7


With launch of iPhone 7, Apple has started a new trend of smartphones without earphone jack.

As the rumors were saying before launch, Apple has removed the earphone jack but wait, it has some alternative.

Earpod, this is basically a wireless earphone, which you can use in this new iPhone 7.

Sound quality and battery power are now very much improved in this latest iPhone.

I believe, with feature like water resistance, people now trend ‘Under Water Selfie Challenge’.

Next big change, which we noticed in this Apple’s device is the ‘solid home button’, which means, it’s no more clickable.

As far as camera is concern, the iPhone 7 is loaded with two 12-megapixel camera for a sharp image.

Experts are saying that the new processor in the iPhone 7 is more capable and power efficient.

So, this was the quick overview of major changes in latest iPhone. Share you views below.