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Evelyn Lozada Sheds 30-Pound Within 2 Months Of Baby Birth


Seven weeks after giving birth to her second child, Evelyn Lozada is almost back in shape and game.

Lozada had given birth to her second child just over seven weeks ago, and in seven weeks she says that she has already lost 30 pounds of the 42 pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

Evelyn Lozada Sheds 30-Pound Within 2 Months Of Baby Birth

The actress admits that she is proud of where is at the moment, adding that her body feels like it is almost back to normal, after all the pregnancy. Hinting at her progress on Instagram , she has been posting full body pictures of herself once a week for over the last month. She looked pretty great one ago too, in a fitted and tanktop and sweats, when she announced her 60-day Fit Challenge with the GNC Live Well, and youth H20.

On April 27, she looked absolutely wow in a pair of skin-tight black leggings and a crop top, as she announced that her tummy is almost flat and she is almost there, promising to share her secrets on Tuesday, with her ‘#youthH2Ofit 60 Day Challenge! #Givenchy#Chanel #JBrand #NewMommy.’

The latest full-body picture that she posted was on May 9, posing in a silky kimono floating over her curves. Lozada says that in addition to eating healthily, she also works outs three or four times a week, and sometimes with her own work-out video.

The Basketball Wives star said that she has been sleep deprived recently, and with no time in her schedule going to the gym can be hectic. She added that when she does have time, she works out with cardio, weight training and hiking. The star who has been engaged to Carl Crawford from the Los Angeles Dodgers, welcomed the couple’s first child and Lozada’s second, son Carl Leo on March 22. Lozada has another child, daughter Shaniece from an earleir relationship.