Home Gossip Eric Hill, Andi Dorfman Dated In The Bachelorette

Eric Hill, Andi Dorfman Dated In The Bachelorette


Eric Hill was given one-on-one date with Andi Dorfman in The Bachelorette .

Eric Hill, Andi Dorfman Dates In The Bachelorette

Hill met with an accident and died on Wednesday, April 23.

The two were snapped on the beach of Ventura, California, on March 14, writes Us Weekly. Citing a witness the magazine says the Go With Eric adventurer and Atlanta-based assistant district attorney had a beach picnic then.

Even though 30-year-old Hill has been sent home, but has managed making an impression among the entire crew of Bachelorette. Host Chris said everyone loved having him around. Making an appearance on The View this Wednesday he said Hill was a daredevil and adventurous guy who loved to travel.

Hill was earlier on April 20 hospitalized following parachute collapsing in Utah. Until Wednesday he was in coma and his sister Karen Tracy updated on social platform Facebook he has passed away.

She wrote Hill has given a good gift of life that is fully lived and shared. Tracy added further that it is hard to think without the bright spark of Hill. However, it is believed Hill is on some new adventures.

On the official website of Go With Eric he is reported to have a quest of visiting all the 195 USA recognized countries before joining The Bachelorette. He wanted to see every country and the awesomeness that exists there.