Employee was fired as she drank juice before paying, in return company had to pay $250,000

An employee was fired after she drank a glass of juice before paying, but what she sued the company later and hence the company had to pay $250,000.

It has been reported that the Employee of Dollar General was a diabetic and hence she always needed something to eat or drink.

That day, she thought that she would face hypoglycemic attack if she didn’t eat or drink something.

So, without wasting any second, she drank the juice can first, and then paid for it.

Well, this violated the rules and regulations of the company, as the employees needed to buy first before using anything.


She was eventually fired for the $1.23 juice.

However, she didn’t give up and sued the company.

The court after hearings gave its decision, which obviously was in employee’s favor.

The court ordered the company to pay $250,000 as compensation.


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