Emma Stone Speaks Good About Her Thin Body; Weight Is A Struggle

In an interview to Seventeen.com, Emma Stone talked about her feeling good in her own skin and handling the constant criticism directed at her because of her weight.

She said that it can really be challenging for to feel good and be confident about their bodies.

Emma Stone Speaks Good About Her Thin Body; Weight Is A Struggle

She says that no matter how it looks on the outside, everyone can be super critical of themselves and of their images in the mirror.

She also says that she has seen several articles and comments addressing her weight or claiming that she has succumbed to the pressure of being thin. She says that keeping more weight is not suitable for her especially because of her work stress and getting older.

According to her, that’s where her genes have decided to go: the thinner way, and things will change as time goes on just as everything does.

She said that when completely untrue statements are made about her health, just like anyone else a part of her wants to defend herself, but people have the right to imagine whatever they want to, and her job at that moment is to make sure that she is telling herself the truth, answering questions like whether she is taking care of herself in a healthy way and whether she is respecting herself, and most of the times she finds her answers in the affirmative.

Speaking on guidance during though times, she says her trick is to take remind herself to be kind to herself and treat herself exactly as she would treat her daughter. And according to her that really helps.


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