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Emily Maynard Weds Tyler Johnson


It is official that Emily Maynard has married Tyler Johnson. Until little while ago it was just a gossip.

The two wedded in Charlotte, N.C. in a surprise way. The guests who attended thought ahead of coming the invitation is for an engagement of the two. But the former Bachelorette and her fiance said their I-dos instead.

The wedding ceremony was organized at the Johnson family’s farm and the plan was kept top secret.

All the guests received an invitation similar to viewfinder that contained several slides which were to be clicked and browsed through to get the picture.

In one of the slides the invitation message was written: “You’re invited to Emily and Tyler’s engagement party!” In the following slide of this message was a pic of Emily’s mini-me daughter, Ricki. She was seen holding a sign that read, “Y’all come!”

More to all these, the venue of the party was not revealed in the invitation. Instead, the guests were picked up from various locations and then shuttled to the party.

All-girls shower was thrown in the afternoon and bride-to-be was the guest of honor.

Last month several pals of Emily like Jessie James Decker threw a white trash bash bachelorette party.

On Memorial Day the pair along with Ricki made for an adorable trio in a sweet picnic pic. Emily shared the pic on Instagram .