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Ellen DeGeneres to Host Furniture Design Show


After seeing Ellen DeGeneres as a great Oscar host it’s now time to watch her comic skills in action as the host of a furniture design show. Much to everyone’s surprise Ellen has signed in for and announced involvement in a design series for HGTV.

Titled ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge’ the show would have six competitors pitting their design skills against each other to build furniture within a day’s time. The HGTV plans to premiere the series was unveiled during a recent in-house event held in New York. It’s Ellen’s own production company ‘A Very Good Production’ that will be filming the show. The show just goes on to reiterate Ellen’s personal proclivity for creative furniture designing.

Ellen DeGeneres to Host Furniture Design Show

Ellen DeGeneres to Host Furniture Design Show

Keeping a tight time limit of 24 hours the participants will compete for coming up with the best design in furniture. From sketching the basic design to putting it on wood they’ll be doing it all with a set of basic tools provided on the show. A master carpenter would be helping the participants. Different, ingenious challenges would be placed in front of them and the participant who manages to overcome those while displaying extraordinary design skills would win the cash prize.

The comedian and TV host who’s known for her signature style of presenting humor is not only hosting the show she’s also producing it. With her own passion and skills for architecture Ellen would be the right choice for the show that is scheduled to be aired in 2015.

In a statement issued by HGTV DeGeneres talked about the project admitting she’s very excited about the show. According to Lynne A. Davis, the HGTV talent relations and national broadcast media vice-president DeGeneres’s participation would be announced in full detail shortly. For the cable network that showcases lifestyle programs the Ellen’s Design Challenge would be adding another interesting and prime show for viewers to watch.