Eight things to prove our technologies have grown too high

We are at the end of 2015 but have anyone noticed that how our technologies have changed in past few years.

I mean, what we can do or feel today, we could not do the same around 10 years ago.

So, here we have brought you few amazing technologies which have made us think wow.

Let’s get started:

#1 The amazing smart computer desk – these desks are portable and can be placed anywhere.


#2 Virtual Keyboards


#3 Bending Smartphones – Samsung has launched world’s first foldable phone.


#4 Robot that solves Rubik Cubes


#5  3D Pens to design 3D arts


#6 Memory card from 128 MB to 128GB and more


#7 Prosthetic Limbs – Now because of technologies, disabled person can get a new limb


#8 Band-Aid that changes color according to skin


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