Eight Sad Signs that you are no longer special for your partner

If you are in relationship and often think that your partner is not taking care of several things as he/she used to do earlier.

Well, today we have brought few sad signs which clear that for your partner, you are no longer special:

#1 If he/she always compares you with other person and asks you to become one of them.

#2 If he/she stops replying your texts or takes a very long time (unnecessarily) to reply.

#3 If he/she starts spending more time with friends that you.

#4 If he/she becomes a selfish person in relationship.

#5 If he/she gets irritation whenever you become little emotional or want to talk holding his/her hands.

#6 If he/she stops showing love or saying “I Love You”.

#7 If he/she stops respecting you before friends or others.

#8 If he/she doesn’t flirt and support you anymore.


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