Drunk woman drove around a mile with dead corpse lodged in windscreen

A drunk woman reportedly after hitting a homeless person, drove around a mile with his dead body lodged on her car’s windscreen.

It has been reported that the 29 year old woman, Stacy Sanchez, had a drinking session before she headed towards her home in her car.

While she was driving, she hit a homeless person so hard that his leg got ripped from his torso.

He died on the spot and his body got stuck in her car’s windscreen.

AD211269546Esteysi Sanchez .png

AD211269546Esteysi Sanchez .png

She even then didn’t realize anything and continued driving.

Before reaching home, she crashed her car one more time.

She told about the incident to her husband after reaching home, who immediately called the police.

She was then arrested on several charges including felony Driving Under the Influence and vehicular manslaughter.


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