Drinking energy drink daily made a bodybuilder like this

Every body builder wish to keep their body perfect and healthy always and for this they try almost everything which they think is good for them.

However, in same attempt a bodybuilder athlete destroyed his health and finally died.

The story is of Dean Wharmby, who was an athlete and known for perfect shaped body.

And for gaining a perfect shape, he always used to drink energy drinks, not single can in a day, but two cans in every hour.

Drinking energy drink daily made a bodybuilder like this

Reports says that around five years ago, he started facing some health issue which he ignored completely and continued drinking the drinks.

But later his condition became more critical and when he went under machine – he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

He at that time even refused to follow strict balanced diet and continued consuming the drinks.

And finally the day came when he died leaving his wife Charlotte and little daughter Scarlett alone.


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