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Doctors discovered new blood group and named it ‘INRA’


We usually study about seven blood groups but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other blood groups.

And recently a new blood group has been discovered.

#1 Doctors in Gujrat, India, left stunned when they found a blood which wasn’t from any normal blood group.

#2 They checked it several times and hence they came on conclusion that the man (patient) had a unique type of blood.

#3 The sample of blood was also sent to WHO, who certified this sample as the ‘unique’ one.

#4 This blood group was then named as ‘INRA’, in which IN stands for India and RA has been taken from the name of patient.

#5 Unfortunately, the person can only take or give blood to the another person who has exactly same blood group.

#6 Doctors are now testing his family’s blood to verify if there is any person with same blood group.