Do you know what your ring finger says about your personality

Well, we can’t accurately predict the behaviour of person standing in front of us. But following this little trick you can know about them.

Just you need to check his/her fingers, I mean size of his/her fingers.

#1 If your little finger touches the first line of your ring finger – then you probably love to live alone. You have decent communication style but even then you lose self-confidence to express.


#2 If you little finger crosses the first line of your finger – then mate you are the real champ, you have impressive communication skill and even you can perfectly express what you want to the one you like.


#3 If your little finger lies below the first line of ring finger – well, these people have the real problem of life in conveying their feelings to any other person. These people expect a lot from others but in return they get nothing most of the time.

Sadly, I belong to the third type.


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