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Disabled Woman Shamed Men Who Refused to Leave Seat Reserved for Disabled Person


A disabled woman left humiliated when a passenger refused her to give his seat, which was actually reserved for disabled people.

It has been reported that the lady, Cat Lee, from west Yorkshire, was traveling in a train when she asked a fellow passenger to give his seat as she could not able to stand for a long time because of her disability.

But the man without showing ‘any sign to help’, refused her completely and continued whatever he was doing.

Picture by Cat Lee/Guzelian Disabled woman Cat Lee has taken to social media to express her anger after two men refused to move from her reserved seats on the London to Skipton service yesterday. The mother-of-one posted a photo of the two men, which has since been shared to number of different pages and groups on Facebook. Pictured: Cat Lee WORDS BY GUZELIAN A disabled woman from West Yorkshire took to social media to share her disgust after two passengers refused to move from her reserved seats on a busy train from London. Cat Lee, from Hebden Bridge, was on Virgin East Coastís 18.03 London King's Cross to Skipton service yesterday (20 SEPTEMBER) when she noticed two men seating in her reserved seats. The 43-year-old told the men that she and her friend had reserved these seats but the pair simply refused and ignored her, even when she told them about her disabilities. Miss Lee suffered nerve damage and crippling groin pain from an operation, which left her unable to work.

Cat, secretly took his photo, and later she used Facebook to share her story, which surprisingly went viral with hundreds of likes and comments.

People could be seen on both sides as some of them say “there is no any rule to leave seat for anyone, at any case”, while others say “he should have left his seat, how his wife and mother would expect help from someone else when their own family member does this to others”.