Did you know your shower style tells a lot about your personality

Well, after lips style and ring finger size, here is another way to know about someone personality.

But its little private, I mean you can’t see this until you are very personal to that person.

Actually, I am talking about the shower style, which reveals a lot about personality.

Let’s find out what it reveals:

#1 People who brush their teeth while having shower are generally multitasker and they think time is everything.

#2 People who take bath quickly are the one who don’t like to waste their time and even they are adventurous by nature.

#3 People who think while taking bath are the arrogant by nature but very clever as well.

#4 People who sing while taking bath are very charming by nature and have a great sense of humor.

#5 People who chose to take bath in cold water mostly the lonely one but at the same time they are very decent by nature.

#6 People who take bath for long time are the one who take stress every single day but at the same time they are very cool and relaxed person.

#7 People who dreams while having bath are the one who love to travel and are generally nature lover.


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