Did you know how to earn $35,000 just by selling one thing

I guess, the title of this post is much fascinating, but actually we here are talking about selling some body parts and making cash.

There are people who sell blood, sperm and several other part of body.

So, today we have brought a complete list, which help you making money by selling body parts.

#1 Selling Body Plasma – Selling body plasma can give you around $20-25.

#2 Selling Sperm or Egg – Selling sperm can help you making $30-$200 and selling egg can you help you making $5,000 to $10,000.

#3 Selling Testicles – reportedly, a man has sold his testicles for $35,000 just to by his favorite supercar.

#4 Renting Body – Well, another way to make money. You can rent your body for some experiment and they will pay you in return.


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