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Debra Messing Loses 20 Pounds; Shares How


Debra Messing talks about how to drop 20 pounds. She has done it and in an interview with ABC News on Wednesday she suggested to eat clean as that helps in becoming lean.

Debra Messing Loses 20 Pounds; Shares How

She said in past two-three years she made big change in the nutrition approach and that was the reason how she looks now. But, at the same time she never opted for dieting.

The 45-year-old said it was not her intention to lose 20 pounds and this was also not the reason to make the big change, but she did after becoming tired all the time.

The Will and Grace alum was earlier a crappy foods consumer. Now she credits the shed of weight to the proper nutrition part. Messing said she was eating really clean and healthy foods as she knew there was a link between her food and eating habit with whether she gained or lost her weight.

Messing added further that every morning she drinks green juice that includes Kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, celery and cucumber. She at least was confirmed that good nutrition is going in at the beginning of the day and hence started out strong.

The actress was last time seen on the Smash program of NBC and very recently also filmed the pilot for NBC drama named as The Mysteries of Laura.

Messing said she was shooting for up to 17 hours everyday and was very much depended on the morning juice, which she took twice sometimes. She concluded that the juice had given her more energy.