Daughter Zelda Leaves Twitter, Ciara Cancels Engagement

Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda had to quit the social media Twitter due to internet bullying soon after dad’s death.

Numerous fans and fellow celebrities expressed their remorse on the social media after Robin Williams unexpectedly passed away with tweets and photos. Surprisingly, just a few days after his death, Zelda, 25, his only daughter quitted social media because of Internet trolls and myriad of insensitive posters that aggravated her despair.

Daughter Zelda Leaves Twitter, Ciara Cancels Engagement

Zelda Deleted her Twitter Account following Trolls and also Abandons her Instagram saying “I need to Heal.” An inside source revealed “All this is due to raunchy comments and Internet trolls, that have disturbed her” adding further “she wants peace after being bullied and harassed. The death of her late father has had a disturbing impact on her.” Zelda in an interview thrashed all the trolls sayinh “Isn’t it enough that’s he’s no more with us? Will you please let him rest in peace, now, at least?”

Zelda had been very close to her father right from her childhood.

Another outrageous news learnt this Thursday, 14 Aug. was that Ciara decided to called off the engagement with Future. Three months earlier, she gave birth to a baby boy. Ciara gave out a statement saying “Game over. He cheated on me and his baby.” Their son is named Future Zahir Wilburn. According to reports, the couple was facing problems soon after they welcomed their son. A rumor confirmed that “it’s not working out between them.” as per sources.


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