Danniella Westbrook Reunites With Former Fiance Tom Richards

After brief split the couple is back again in each others’ arms.

Danniella Westbrook and her ex-fiance Tom Richards were spotted sharing a smooth while enjoying a stroll in L.A.

Danniella Westbrook Reunites With Former Fiance Tom Richards

Recently Danniella said she relapsed during their relationship. The cocaine addict also revealed she also recently slept with a drug dealer.

She apologized to all the Tweeter followers for letting them down after trying to get clean again.

Lately it has been seen Danniella has also been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings regularly. Now it seems her toyboy lover is impressed with the efforts she is putting to get back on track.

The 24-year-old ex-fiance flown out to her place in L.A. The two now looked to be more loved-up than ever. On Sunday both were seen popping in and out of a few shops holding hands of each other.

The two were casually dressed in T-shirts and shorts.

Last week Danniella appeared on This Morning show and answered few of the speculation around her relationship with former fiance. She too full responsibility of whatever has happened and also vowed to get better.

Tom opened his mouth too taking some blame after hearing the revelations of her girl.

He said, “I couldn’t forgive myself if I let Danni take all the responsibility for taking cocaine. I used it with her too.”

He also added further that both used to take cocaine together despite knowing Danniella could go back to the addiction again.


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