Daniel Radcliffe Regrets Drinking, Blames Fame For Boozing

The famous boy wizard from HP who conquered the world of imagination with fame at just an age of 11 is struggling with alcohol now a days.

After being signed up for the lead role in a decade long Harry Potter franchise, he finally opens up with his experiences on the set.

Daniel Radcliffe Regrets Drinking, Blames Fame For Boozing

In an interview Radcliffe says that he chose alcohol in order to combat the peer pressure of a life which he lived in the spotlight. He further admitted that he realized very soon that he had started to struggle with the celebrity status combined and the heavy love from fans all over the globe.

He says “I was subjected to the worldwide super-stardom, all of whose credit goes to my role in the Harry Potter series.”

Recalling the incidents of shooting he tells further that there were numerous occasions when he would just turn up for further filming, all drunk from a previous night’s boozing session.

He admitted the fact that he regrets drinking because it couldn’t make him as happy as he wished it to. He blames his career anxiety and ambition for each of his drinks that time. He says he was worried about how anything could go wrong, people would start laughing and his career would come to an end in a jiffy.

He further adds by saying “The drinking thing was a downfall as it is unhealthy and damages my body along with my social life. I am coming to terms with it”


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