Dad recreates daughter’s modeling shoot photos after finding himself in the same hotel

Dads are the real wonder and they always try to make their kids happy.

Well, in a similar attempt, an American dad thought to recreate the daughter’s modelling shoot photos after he found out that he was staying in the same hotel, where the photo shoot happened.

Dad, Vince Divarco, recreated every photo of the photoshoot, exactly with the same pose and at the same location and it’s really very impressive.

Here are few of recreated photos:

#1  dad-recreates-daughters-modeling-shoot-photos-after-finding-himself-in-the-same-hotel4

#2 dad-recreates-daughters-modeling-shoot-photos-after-finding-himself-in-the-same-hotel3

#3 dad-recreates-daughters-modeling-shoot-photos-after-finding-himself-in-the-same-hotel2



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