Crazy antics by Angelina and Brad for Daughter Viviene to act

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had to pull off a sequence crazy antics to get their daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt to act her scenes out on the sets of the movie Maleficient.

Jolie said during an interview that like any other four year old, the idea of doing something repeatedly did not appeal to her daughter very much, adding that she would go around the set collecting flowers, and butterflies, roaming around the set, but when she is supposed to do so, she would not want to do it.

Crazy antics by Angelina and Brad for Daughter Viviene to act

The child actor, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt luckily had her family army to support her, and make her pull through the scenes.

Jolie describes how she had to get a pole with one end of it having been painted like a blue butterfly, and literally dance in front of her daughter, to get her to act. Jolie plays the role of the evil queen in the movie.

The actress also talked about how Brad would have to stand on the edge of the cliff from where she was supposed to jump off. She said that Vivienne’s brothers and sisters were also there to encourage her, but she really made the entire family work out for getting the scenes right.

Jolie claimed that the Disney team they were shooting with had said that it was the funniest family faily that one could ever hope to see.

Although because of Vivienne’s strong attachment for her mother Angelina, other days on the set were much easier for the team and Jolie’s family. The oscar-winning actress says that Vivienne is always the kid trailing after her, which has made their family call her Jolie’s shadow, though the actress says the other kids are a little irritated about it.


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