Home News Courtney Cox Appears Have Bagged New Fiance

Courtney Cox Appears Have Bagged New Fiance


The 49 year old Cougar Town actress was spotted on Sunday to be wearing what appeared to be a diamond engagement ring on her wedding finger, while walking through a Los Angeles airport.

UsWeekly reported from a source that a wedding will be “sooner than later” and the five month old couple is also reported to be planning a kid together. Flying out of LA on the Easter holiday, the couple appeared to be relaxed and happy together as they strolled side by side.

Courtney Cox Appears Hhave Bagged New Fiance

Courtney had dressed in a pair of black pants and boots, a black and white striped sweater, and dark over-sized sunglasses, while boyfriend Johnny, of Snow Patrol – the alternative rock band, had a matching attire in a black jacket over a gray shirt, dark jeans and brown boots.

Courtney didn’t appear to have made any effort in hiding the ring, which appears to be a yellow gold band with a large diamond. UsWeekly has already reported that the couple has already moved-in together, so an engagement may not be out of the question.

The following day, Courtney attended the Late Show with David Letterman without any sign of the ring. However, she has been spotted with the ring after that.

Ed Sheeran, the British singer and friend of the couple accidentally revealed the news of their latest living arrangements on March 27. The singer said, “I’m not sure that it’s public knowledge, so maybe I shouldn’t have said anything – but, yes, they’re already living together,’ adding that the “things are moving fast. He moved in and, judging by the last time I saw them, they couldn’t be happier.”