Chloe Madeley Claims To Have Shed 10lbs Through Selfies In Thong

Chloe Madeley has lately transformed her body dramatically being just half way through intensive fitness makeover.

After only seven weeks the daughter of TV personalities Richard and Judy demonstrates her fit body in her latest string of thong selfies.

Chloe Madeley Claims To Have Shed 10lbs Through Selfies In Thong

The 27-year-old compared her shape on Friday as a check point of half way of her intensive fitness makeover. She showed off ripped abs and defined thighs in it and claims to have shed 10 pounds.

In the selfies she is seen have shrunk down to 132lbs from 142lbs. She is wearing tiny crop tops and thong underwear. She displays her nearly-nude physique.

Chloe wrote next to the four-stage pics, “My last 7 weeks of diet, training, progress and the halfway point hurdles of this week!”

She claims her weight crept up by 17lbs but she was not panicked as she earliler had wanted to enjoy her second summer holiday with desserts and all.

Earlier in September the blonde aid: ‘By the time I sat down to recalculate my new calorie counts, macro splits and training regime for Autumn, I had a little fat roll on my belly that had been forged with love and pizza.’

In October Chloe also tweeted about encouraging conversation she had with her mother.

The 27-year-old also admitted very recently that she’d been urging her father Richard Madeley to get fit with daily walks. To the Woman mag she said, “I’m taking steps to encourage my parents to become fitter.”


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