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Chinese doctor removed a total of 420 kidney stones from this patient


Kidney stones can be a nasty business, especially if you have more than one of these calcium formations. This particular man, however, had a total of 420 and lived to tell the tale!

The Chinese man in question, who has been identified only as Mr. Ho, had been suffering from severe pains throughout May. So, when he was hospitalized the doctors were prepared to find something wrong in his body. However, they weren’t really prepared to find the whopping 420 kidney stones, which the CT scan revealed. And as if the number doesn’t sound shocking enough, all of the formations were found in only one of the man’s kidneys! Fortunately, the medics were able to remove all of the kidney stones from Mr. Ho’s body. They stated that if he had postponed seeking medical help, he could have lost his kidney.

Furthermore, according to official reports, nearly two decades ago Mr. Ho had to undergo another surgery. At that point his doctors found and removed a total of 10 kidney stones from his organism. As it turned out, the Chinese man had been undergoing an extreme diet based on too much gypsum tofu. This type of food is quite high on calcium and can be dangerous if it’s not washed away with enough water, which is exactly what happened in Mr. Ho’s case. He ate too much calcium-high tofu and didn’t drink enough water, which resulted in the formation of hundreds of kidney stones.

Regardless of the man’s shocking condition, he is far from beating the world record for the most kidney stones. An Indian patient, who remains anonymous, had to undergo a similar surgery to Mr. Ho’s one, during which the doctors removed a total of 172,155 stones from the person’s left kidney!