Chinese Cooks Laugh Heartily As They Skin And Cook Rats

Eating habits differ from culture to culture, and there’s no surprise there. But what is also true is how people from other cultures might feel certain habits despicable and repelling. Well, here’s an example that speaks loud enough for itself.

Watch how Chinese cooks of a restaurant laugh heartily as they skin and boil live rats in preparation of a meal, almost as though it’s nothing gravely disgusting!

They dip the rats into extremely hot water, holding them by their tails
the rats
They dip the rats into extremely hot water, holding them by their tails
The workers catch rats out of a cage and dip them into extremely hot water. They laugh and chat among themselves as the rats shriek in pain of being dipped into the almost killing hot water.

And now they’re stripped of their fur
The rats, yet alive, are now skinned. They are then used for the preparation of a Chinese delicacy. So the next time you’re eating something in China, you better be sure of what you order!

Rats being served as pork!
Here’s an alarming warning! Chinese gangs have been found and arrested for supplying rats’ meat as pork and beef! Now that’s nothing short of an appalling news, is it?
Eating rats might be a celebrated practice for the Chinese, but it truly looks and seems highly replant to others!

Here’s the disturbing and disgusting video.


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