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Check what your nails say about your health


Well, your nails have several secret information about your health or upcoming health issues. You just need to understand what it actually saying.

#1 Splinter Hemorrhages – the condition comes when red or brown lines start to appear over your nails. It suggests a strong chance of heart disease or lupus.


#2 Beau’s lines (Grooves) – the horizontal lines over nails suggest the ongoing infection such as mumps or measles.


#3 Yellow Color – changing in color to yellow depicts the chance of liver problem or jaundice.


#4 Clubbing – this appearance of nails (below picture) screams about lung problems.


#5 Spooning of nails – it means if your nails can hold water droplets, then it actually shows iron deficiency in body.


#6 Dark lines – dark lines over nails, shows the chance of skin cancer


#7 Thickened nails – thickening in nails usually happens because of fungal infection


#8 White Lines – white lines over nails depicts the deficiency of protein in body and also suggests about liver or kidney problems.