Charlize Theron Blames Media For Privacy Intrusion, Compares To Rape

Charlize Theron, the Oscar-winning actress, is under fire for her controversial ‘rape’ comments.

The actress said during an interview with Sky News that the continuous intrusion of her privacy by various sections of the media had made ‘every aspect’ of her life ‘fodder for an article’ and equated the intrusion of privacy to being raped.

Charlize Theron Blames Media For Privacy Intrusion, Compares To Rape

A reporter named Richard Suchet presented a list of headlines all from a simple Google search of her name, to which the South African-born diva said that she doesn’t google herself which she thinks is her saving grace, adding that it’s her feeling when someone lives in a world like hers and start doing that they start feeling raped.

Asked if she really wanted to express such a strong comment, she did not back down from her statement. She said that there are certain things that she feels very protective about, like her son and her private life, and although she feels that there are certain people who might like that, she does not.

And despite her, what many might say offensive comment, Charlize did express some gratitude about her glamorous life, which has afforded her some luxuries. She said that she feels lucky that she can afford to fly first class to London and that she can do so with her son and family, but she also said that it does not mean every aspect of her life can suddenly become fodder for some gossip story.

She also noted that she is not concerned about what some ‘idiot’ might write about her online.


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