CBB: James Jordan Says Lauren Goodger Needs To Control Drinking

There’s more tensions now in Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) house than ever. Lauren Goodger became upset over a task.

All the housemates were given a task to write anonymous feedback about each other. It was based series of questions. Next, the celebs were made to read those about themselves. The author of the feedback may admit or remain anonymous.

CBB-James Jordan Says Lauren Goodger Needs To Control Drinking

When Lauren Goodger was reading feedback written for her, James Jordan said that the mate does nothing to help herself and still wants to win.

Jordan added further that Goodger should start doing more and stop letting others wait on her every demand.

She said, “Also, she needs to control herself when she’s been drinking. The flirting and popping t*** out “by mistake” is not very attractive. Have more self-respect.”

However, she didn’t admit the feedback was written by her, but Goodger hurt out of it and was seen being comforted by Kellie.

Later Jordan admitted to Goodger pulling her aside saying she was actually bored all day and so thought to stir someone that now seems backfired.

Goodger admitted about her drunken antics but also said that she has the opportunity to brush things off as she is young, single, not married and without any kids.

The first housemate to read the feedback was Audley. It was said by Jordan and she noted he was rude and direct, but he cooks well.


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