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Can you guess her age? I bet you can’t


Who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful always but we all know the truth.

But wait, there are few people, who just have forgot to get old.

Well, we are talking about the gorgeous, Masako Mizutani.


But before revealing anything, I must ask to guess her age.

Can you guess her age. I bet you can’t

I guess most of us would say, she would not be more than 25.


But here is truth – she is 43 years old and a mother of 20-year-old daughter.

She has become very famous because of ‘young appearance’ in Japan. She also holds a title of “Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth”.

She recently appeared on a television where she revealed her secret of young looks. She said eats healthy, takes proper and balance diet, drinks a lot of water, sleeps a lot, does exercise, uses creams which have Vitamin E and she never smokes/drinks.