Home Relationships Bye Bye Bachelor Days: George Clooney with new wife Amal Alamuddin

Bye Bye Bachelor Days: George Clooney with new wife Amal Alamuddin


We all know him, his work and his style. Now there’s something more to associate with him – his Marriage!

The wait is over for George Clooney as his bachelor days finally come to an end. He is now the proud husband to his stunning wife Amal Alamuddin. All this happened this Saturday in the beautiful city of Venice.

Bye Bye Bachelor Days- George Clooney with new wife Amal Alamuddin

An unending array of Stars was spotted last night in their wedding. As they stepped out of the water taxis, the stars were greeted with scent and garlands. Everyone from the family and friends was present in the ceremony which took place Aman Canal Grande Hotel, a seven star rated hotel.

Famous faces included Vogue editor Anna Wintour in a black and pink dress with a tint of grey. She covered herself gracefully with a fur stole and posed as she was being received to a waiting boat by employees.

Next to arrive were George’s mother Nina, who seemed to be on cloud nine. His sister Adelia, singer Bono, actress Emily Blunt with actor Matt Damon and famous model Cindy Crawford also graced the occasion with their presence.

The evening turned out to be more than just classy with the stunning 450-year-old waterside sittings. Atmospheric lighting blended perfectly with the ambiance of the wedding.

This was their second marriage after their first one early in the morning where the 53-year-old George and British lawyer Amal exchanged vows in front of their close friend Walter Veltroni.