Home News Brody Jenner Talks About Skipping Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Brody Jenner Talks About Skipping Kim Kardashian’s Wedding


Brody Jenner in an interview blurts out the reason behind skipping his sister Kim’s wedding!

The reality star quoted three reasons for the same. “Kanye and I barely know each other. We have just spoken once” said the reality star on July 17. “But this isn’t the main reason.

Brody Jenner Talks About Skipping Kim Kardashian's Wedding

The main thing was that I was touring in Paris and the distance just didn’t let me come to her wedding.” He also said that “Reggie Bush’s wedding was very close just on the next street. It was in San Diego which is like superclose.”

Quoting the second reason, he says “Kim didn’t inform anybody in the family until the last moment, just a few weeks before her wedding day. The 30 year old star stated “I was booked for the weekend with DJ gigs and couldn’t cancel as the passes were sold!”

Jenner admitted the fact that “Honestly, I don’t know Kanye at all. We have had just one 15 or 20 seconds long conversation.” Talking about Reggie, he said “Reggie has been my friend for a long time as he dated Kim for many years and I got close to him and Lilit.”

“Being concerned I wished her and Kanye, best of luck for their new life and also supported their decision.” He clarified. “I would have been at the wedding…but it didn’t work out. Nevertheless they are having a good time together, what else can I want!”

“Jenner’s decision to be a part of Bush’s wedding is absolutely fine.” said Kardashian in an interview. She further added “They are friends from a long time.”