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Bridesmaid Cara Delevingne Unveils Her Neck Tattoo


Cara Delevinge has got 10 tattoos in a space of just six months. This time she chose her sister’s wedding to show-off her new tattoo, an ornate inking on the back of her neck.

Cara Delevingne is perhaps trying to copy Pipa Middleton ho had also made headlines on her sister’s wedding day. This time, it was Cara, who struck a demure figure when she joined the parade of 17 bridesmaids with her hair pied up high to show off the newest inkling on her neck.

Bridesmaid Cara Delevingne Unveils Her Neck Tattoo

The 21-year old model had also revealed a diamond-shaped tattoo inside her right ear. Speculations are, it was a tribute to Miss Cara’s best friend Rihanna . The tattoo was reportedly inspired by the singer’s Diamond World Tour last year, and the singer herself is something of a tattoo aficionado.

Miss Carra had got her first tattoo in New York, where her best friend had Rihanna had held her hand as she had a lion etched on her forefinger. The modeling star had since been hit by the tattoo wave, and it has also prompted a backlash from the fashion houses of Chanel and Burberry, for whom she models.

In December last, she had revealed another tattoo written in italics which read: ‘Dont Worry, be happy’ just under her bandeau style bikini. The words ‘Made in England’ were also etched on the base pf her foot, and the number 12 in Roman numeral on her breast. The Brazilian tattoo artist Daniel Tucci had created the roman numerals 12 tattoo just under breast and the inking was five centimeters in size. The second tattoo that Daniel made for Carra is of the Southern Cross which is a constellation made of five stars, one of the symbols of Brazil.