Boyfriend of Girl with two vaginas reveals about their ‘$ex Life’

It’s not very often when a person reveals about his ‘$ex life’, but when he does, it should be something ‘special’.

Well, we are talking about the boyfriend whose girl has two vaginas and this all he revealed openly on internet.

Actually, he allowed people to ask anything on Reddit, when few people started talking about this and he uncovered the truth.

He revealed that his girlfriend was born with “complete uterine didelphys”, a rare condition which forms double uterus in women, which means his girlfriend has two vaginas.

The talk continued further and when some other user asked him about his $ex life, over which he replied that “it isn’t that much weird”.

Another user asked ‘whether his girlfriend is healthy enough to conceive’, over which he replied ‘Yes, she can get pregnant via both vaginas’.


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