Boy throws his Facebook friend off the balcony after she refuses his marriage proposal

Refusing a marriage proposal could also be ‘life changing event’.

Well, this is what happened with a girl, who refused the marriage proposal of the boy whom she met originally via Facebook.

It has been reported that the duo first met on Facebook and in very little time, the boy started having some feelings for her.

One day, he proposed her for marriage but the girl didn’t want to get into such ‘activities’, so she refused him completely.

Days later, the boy and his few family members charged into her house and asked one last time whether she’s going to marry him or not.

She again refused which made the boy furious and hence he threw her off from the balcony.

Boy and the family then left the place without informing or doing anything else.

The girl was then immediately taken to hospital by some onlookers.

By now, police have arrested all the ‘suspects’.


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