Blue Ivey Peeps Out Of Blanket While Jay Z Pushes Stroller

Daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce seemed in good spirits after probably having her first ride on a train.

At the St. Pancras International Station the parents on Tuesday put her along the platform in a stroller. They arrived in London taking the Eurostar from Gard du Nord in Paris.

Blue Ivey Peeps Out Of Blanket While Jay Z Pushes Stroller

Blue Ivy peeped out from the stroller and smiled. The stroller was covered by a pink blanket to some extent.

The little tot was in a pink sweater having a graphic image on it. She wore pink, blue and cream tartan skirt too paired with black tights and colorful sneakers as well.

The 44-year-old dad, Jay Z (real name is Shawn Carter), pushed the stroller through the crowds and 32-year-old mom kept an eye on their bags.

As they walked through the station to a private car outside, fans greeted them warmly.

The couple visited opulent venue on Mayfair’s Dover Street. For several hours the high-power were there celebrating their jaunt to London.

The two looked in style, breaking the strict dress-code of the heritage Art Club. Probably the hip-hop pair was allowed to get in denim and T-shirts.

The two were in boots, bling and blazers. Beyonce looked more glamorous. She was in skin-tight leather trousers paired with vertigo-inducing wedge heels. The 32-year-old got a new and shorter fringe, correct in full force.


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