Birthday Bash From Cold Play Star To Ex Gwyneth With Love Lawrence

Birthday party for an ex? Doesn’t sound a cold play!

Chris Martin is one person who is good with figures, especially a triangle that is coiled in love. His self designed love triangle seems to be going just too perfectly and effectively.

Birthday Bash From Cold Play Star To Ex Gwyneth With Love Lawrence

Being able to keep both his better and bitter halves happy is a new trend. His estranged wife was given a surprise birthday party at her 42nd birthday this week. Keeping her happy with this cocktail party was a generous idea he said. Chris and his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s are still at good terms, an inside source reveals.

The story doesn’t end here, Gwyneth gels finely with Chris’s new woman Jennifer Lawrence according to sources. She has been making statements on how happy she is for Chris. She says ‘I am happy that he has his smart and beautiful woman, who loves him more than me.’

The Coldplay singer planned Gwyneth’s surprise feast with her two closest and best friends last Saturday. Stars who turned up to celebrate this occasion included Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Nicole Ritchie. Chris also invited parents of his children’s friends along with Gwyneth’s colleagues from Goop.

Everything seemed to be in order, from the food to the music and friends. The mood was set, liquor was served and Love was in the air with Chirs, his ex and present.


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