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Big Men Who Thought They Were Cruiserweights


One of the most common feuds in wrestling is the battle of David vs Goliath, but what happens when Goliath is just as fast as David, and is willing to take their talents to the top rope? These big men could squash you in the palm of their hand, but they weren’t stuck on the ground like others of equal size. Instead, these wrestling giants proved they could defy gravity like their much smaller counterparts.

1. The Undertaker

Whenever Taker walked the tightrope to deliver Old School, the wrestling world would hold its collective breath.

2. Ryback

The Big Guy has built his character more on dominating with strength, but when he gets to the top rope he can get some serious height on his splash.

3. Samoa Joe

When your nickname’s the Samoan Submission Machine, you’re not expected to hit the ropes as easily as Samoa Joe does.
Samoa Joe

4. Bam Bam Bigelow

Any time the “Beast From The East” took to the air, it was a sight to behold. Few big men could match Bam Bam’s pace and agility.